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Unique Father’s Day Gift Idea

Theater-TV-TIFFLooking for a unique Father’s Day gift? Take Dad’s home theater to the next level!

Home theaters are one of the latest design rages. From technology to decor, searching for the perfect home theater accessories can be daunting, and the smallest of details matter in making the most of the home theater experience. Presentation is key to making the possibilities endless in the elements you can bring to yours.


One thing to consider is how lighting affects your multimedia experience. Theater rooms with windows may cause glare issues, or seem impossible to completely seal off any natural light from invading the space. Light always seem to seep through the cracks.


For home theaters, room darkening is serious business. Considering that QMotion shades already offer the smallest light gap in the industry at only 1/2”, its redesigned, tilt-out, side channels cover this gap. With QMotion Qadvanced Roller Shades, you can incorporate sleek and stylish design with silent operation thanks to our patented motors located inside the shade tube. In addition, QMotion offers hundreds of fabric selections to enhance room darkening and also provide excellent contrast for a clear and sharp view.


Not only will QMotion Shades help with light control, but they can also help to increase the sound quality in the room.  Exposed glass such as windows or mirrors can create an echo effect. Shades and side channels cover the glass, helping to improve sound quality while also controlling natural light.


And for those dads that are really tech savvy, QMotion roller shades integrate with most home automation systems. Dad will be able to control not only his TV and sound system, but also have the motorized roller shades at his fingertips while enjoying some relaxing time in his chair.


So, instead of the Father’s Day tie for this year, give him a surprise the whole family can enjoy. Upgrade his theater room (and don’t forget the shades!).

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Next Cool Event 2012: Qmotion Shades

A collaborative design affair mixing the best and latest   from the entertainment industry, music industry, the interior design industry   and the event industry…featuring people, places and things which are   cutting edge. The Next Cool Event was a flamboyant   fusion of designers, performers, artists, caterers, and creative geniuses   from the entertainment industry packed together under one roof rolling in   from all over the state. The event was a celebration of successes of the   Georgia entertainment industry, with exciting anticipation of what is yet to   come this year. Actors, acrobats, cosmetologists, models, architects,   engineers, virtuosos and fans filled the sets and walkways. The expo center   was full of installments and booths from prehistoric times showcasing The Flintstones,   to post-apocalyptic Wizard of Oz, and futuristic creations with   Qmotion Shades’ Hitman.

The Next Cool Event was a great opportunity to share with the general public, as well as high-end designers, the endless possibilities Qmotion Shades has to offer. The response was overwhelming, we met designers, NFL players, musicians, actors writers and movie producers as well as. We chose to go with a simple yet elegant statement; we used all white furniture along with White shades and pops of red to really grab the attention of interested party goers. An event of this magnitude is rare, that you can get 3-4 different industries together in one place, 160,000 sq. ft. place. But we thought an event like this could be a spring-board to expose our products to the many facets of the design, movie and music industry. Again Qmotion Shades were a hit…

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Catch Qmotion at a Trade Show

Want to learn more about Qmotion? Wanna see the product in person? Catch us at one of the eight interior design trade shows this year. Coming up soon is the R+T International trade show in Stuttgart, Germany, February 27-March 3rd.

“The R+T Show will feature around 800 exhibitors from all over the world present at the R + T 2012, the entire spectrum from the fields of roller shutters, gates and sun protection. But the world’s leading trade fair R + T is not only the presentation platform for an industry that has become highly technologized and makes an important contribution to efficiency, comfort and safety of buildings. She is also the rhythm of innovation before, the first presentation takes place almost exclusively on the three-yearly international trade fair. Experience on more than 100,000 square meters in nine halls five days pure innovation . Enjoy a dozen side events and special exhibitions on various topics.”

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Beautiful day for a Qmotion install

Just got back from a very easy installation of Qmotion shades for marketing purposes. It was also a beautiful day on Pensacola Beach where the job was located.  It took about 15 minutes per-shade, including taking down the old shades. It was literally as easy as two brackets and the shade was up and ready to be programmed. Take a look at how nice the job turned out. The fabric is Mermet E Screen 1% openess, which should block out most of the light, but I don’t know if it is enough for the blazing Florida sun! What do you guys think of the finished product?

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How to clean roller shades: Do’s and Dont’s

Eager to keep your new window shades looking beautiful don’t be tempted to do something destructive. Roller shades can be kept clean in a variety of ways that keep them looking great and functioning like new. The first step to getting a squeaky clean window is determining what type of material your shades are made from. They can be vinyl, fabric, polyester, or even something organic like bamboo. If you have vinyl or polyester you can afford to be a little rougher with your shades, but if they are a cloth or organic material you need to baby them. All roller shades benefit from a regular  dusting with a feather duster or a very soft clean broom. But sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. These easy steps can get you make sure your shades have a bright future:

1. Before getting too crazy give the shade a light vacuuming with the suction set to low. This works for basically every shade, just make sure that you don’t stretch out your fabric.

2. If that still doesn’t have your dirt defeated you can switch to a wet method. Use warm water and a sponge to gently wipe away the dust.  If you have cloth window shades this is not recommended.

3. The last measure you can take is to introduce some liquid dish soap into your warm sponge water. Only a squirt is needed but it should do the trick to clean up
really grimy shades.

Helpful Tips-

Don’t let the sponge be too wet, you should never let water run down your shade.

Let the shade dry completely before rolling it up.

Don’t scrub too hard or use the abrasive side of the sponge.

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Elementary school gets Qmotion

A Greenville area elementary school got a modern touch in their gymnasium with the recent installation of Qmotion shades. Dacusville students may still have to worry about the opposing team blocking shots but Qmotion will be blocking the sun for many years to come. In the hard to reach windows above the basketball goal the motorized control comes into play and with the use of the USB timer remote the shades can be set to open and close automatically. This “set it and forget it” feature means that basketball coaches can worry about more important things, like how they are going to win the game!

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