4 Favorite Summer Color Trends to Liven Up Your Home

Summer has arrived!  With summer comes the daunting nature of preparing for family gatherings. Stress a little less about your interior design skills by following simple summertime color trends to help you create the perfect place to be the host. By constructing an inviting color and texture pallet in your home using furniture, window treatments, paint, and décor essentials, you can highlight your personal style effortlessly.

1. Yellow

Nothing says summer time like a popping yellow! Use it sparingly or as a base to any room to add a touch of excitement to your home. While a bright yellow may not be for every season, tone it down to a pale yellow or rich gold to suit your seasonal style. Yellow is even cordial enough to mix and match perfectly with other hues. You are able to make a statement by adding small accents throughout a room without overdoing it.

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2. Neutrals

Others prefer colors that never go out of style such as textured neutrals. Linen or powdered whites can not only help to create a sharp and modern vibe, but can also set the stage for a softer, shabby chic look. According to Shelley Little in her article, “Why Neutral Colors Are Best“, neutral colors allow for attention to be paid to the textural items added to the room. Notice how your eye is drawn to the details of the floors, plants and wooded textures, rather than the neutral colors themselves.

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3. Versatile Gray

Interior designers are raving about versatile gray hues. Dark charcoal to soft dove, gray is the ultimate backdrop to create a clean and crisp foundation to your home. Stephanie Hepburn of The Times-Picayune says “kitchens are great spaces to use gray paired with white, a classic combination that always looks clean and open.” Easily mix and match accents and patterns to contrast or highlight certain textiles and tones.

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4. Slate Blue

What better way to combat the heat of summer with a splash of calming, slate blue? Interior designers recommend combining blues with textures found in nature, such as wooden textiles or woven natural materials. Slate blue is also easily paired with warm metals and defined lines to create a smooth modern or industrial tone to any room.

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blog - color trends blue and yellow

Why not combine both, slate blue and a hint of yellow to demonstrate the ultimate trending color combo?  Source: Pinterest

5. Bonus Tip

Keep in mind, when choosing a fabric for your window treatments, the timeless colors and textures that will frame the decor of the room. Use your window treatments as accents or as foundation pieces to structure the rest of your masterpiece.

A living room Sweden.

This lightly textured, semi sheer, colored fabric acts as the perfect accent feature in this Swedish living room, complementing the dark floors and bright throw pillows. White walls allow for the shades to standout.


Interior of modern living room

All white with a touch of versatile gray fabric sets the stage for any additional color to really pop. The scenic view is not lost with a slightly darker solar shade fabric.


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