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Why so many colors and styles?

Our new fabric book offers over 180 colors, bringing our total offering to over 200. So, when some of the competition has fewer than 100, why does Qmotion want to show so much style and color.

As we started into this adventure, to take a new approach to shading. This involved focussing on new technology, including the most innovative way to automate shades created in years. Other novelties included our effort to bring the innovations to the masses, by designing in a way that made installation faster,easier, and less obtrusive. Our automated shades rapidly became a sought after product.

With fabrics, we quickly learned that our customers, those who saw the function as great and “for them”, wanted more style. We had requests for colors, more screens, and different options for blackout fabrics. So, we listened and we acted.

The new screens include those which use a polyester core thread, and even adds several that are 100% PVC-free.

The blackouts collection went from 2 styles to 6 styles.

And we added a new category of decorative materials, showing as many colors as imagination can consider, and even some metallic styles. And our natural designs are even in there with our eclectic designs.

So, why so many fabrics? Because we have learned to like the designs that they offer. Beautiful Qmotion Shades are even better than standard Automated Qmotion Shades.

In fact, we like having this range of color and style so much, we think we will add more.

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