Qmotion Timer Remotes Provide Comfort, Ease

When talking to friends about what I do and the company I work for, many are surprised that automating shades is possible. However, once the understand it, questions start to come, quickly. While often the questions revolve around how to buy them, and colors available, commonly people want to know if the action of the shades can be “set to automatic.”

It seems that many people want to have the shades raise, or lower, at the time and moment that works for them, but without ever reaching for a button. This level of function used to be available exclusively for those with full automation systems, but now, thanks to the QMotion Timer Remote, I can tell people it is easy. USB Remote

This neat little device is a true mini-powerhouse. It can send up to 6 different timed commands on any or all days of the week. These commands can be to send the shade to any of the 5 preprogrammed positions (top, bottom or one of the three intermediate stops), and it can do this based on time or sunrise/sunset. The solar settings are based on the location where the shades are installed, and the unit can be reprogrammed as regularly as wanted, with the use of a simple Windows application.

Mount it near the shades, or use a Qrelay to repeat the signal, and it can be used to keep the room comfortable by lowering the shades before the sun gets too intense, or raising them in the morning, as a gentle wake-up with the sun.

And, for those who have sophisticated automation systems, this simple add-on can provide a quick solution for guest spaces or other applications when the full power of the system may not be required.

Now, the convenience of automatic shades, with simple configuration and cost.

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