European Window Fashions for 2012: What’s hot in Germany

Qmotion shades recently hosted an international guest from Stuttgart, Germany, to check out our new motorized roller shade technology. He enjoyed his trip here and was able to educate us on what window fashions are popular in Europe this year. He shared with me the following pictures recently and I thought they were very interesting. The things to look for on the horizon are primary colors, floral prints, and the use of blackout fabrics. In Europe, this year “panel track” systems are also trendy, they combine bold colors and floral prints to make a major statement in a room. Unlike American window fashions that are meant to complement the style of a room; German window fashions are meant to be the focal point and accentuate the simple modern styling.


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3 responses to “European Window Fashions for 2012: What’s hot in Germany

  1. Shane S.

    I like the decorative value they see in Window Fashions.


    • Yes Shane, I have been there myslef and they really employ some colors that we think are outrageous. And because much of their bulidings are post 1950 they have a much more modern look, therefore roller shades work better and are used more often.


  2. Those are really beautiful shades. Its interesting the difference you find in different cultures/countries. Their homes tend to be more modern than ours so having soft decorative window treatments keeps things from getting to cold.