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Next Cool Event 2012: Qmotion Shades

A collaborative design affair mixing the best and latest   from the entertainment industry, music industry, the interior design industry   and the event industry…featuring people, places and things which are   cutting edge. The Next Cool Event was a flamboyant   fusion of designers, performers, artists, caterers, and creative geniuses   from the entertainment industry packed together under one roof rolling in   from all over the state. The event was a celebration of successes of the   Georgia entertainment industry, with exciting anticipation of what is yet to   come this year. Actors, acrobats, cosmetologists, models, architects,   engineers, virtuosos and fans filled the sets and walkways. The expo center   was full of installments and booths from prehistoric times showcasing The Flintstones,   to post-apocalyptic Wizard of Oz, and futuristic creations with   Qmotion Shades’ Hitman.

The Next Cool Event was a great opportunity to share with the general public, as well as high-end designers, the endless possibilities Qmotion Shades has to offer. The response was overwhelming, we met designers, NFL players, musicians, actors writers and movie producers as well as. We chose to go with a simple yet elegant statement; we used all white furniture along with White shades and pops of red to really grab the attention of interested party goers. An event of this magnitude is rare, that you can get 3-4 different industries together in one place, 160,000 sq. ft. place. But we thought an event like this could be a spring-board to expose our products to the many facets of the design, movie and music industry. Again Qmotion Shades were a hit…

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See Qmotion Shades at Global Shop Show 2012 Las Vegas, NV

There is no reason to not catch Qmotion Shades at the Global Shop Show 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. We will all be at booth #2468 with the most innovative motorized roller shades currently on the market. You will not believe how quiet our shades really are, with the roar of the crowd at GS12 it will be a challenge to hear the sound of our shades even if you wanted to!

“GlobalShop is the world’s largest annual tradeshow and conference dedicated to store design, visual merchandising, and shopper marketing. It is the only place where retailers and brand marketers can visit over 600 suppliers in one location. The GlobalShop show floor is conveniently divided into six sections of the retail design industry: The Store Fixturing Show, The Visual Merchandising Show, Store Design & Operations, The Digital Store, At-Retail Marketplace, and Retail Marketing Services.”

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Check out Interior Design Trends for summer 2012

Take a look at: Interior Design Trends for summer 2012

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Catch Qmotion at a Trade Show

Want to learn more about Qmotion? Wanna see the product in person? Catch us at one of the eight interior design trade shows this year. Coming up soon is the R+T International trade show in Stuttgart, Germany, February 27-March 3rd.

“The R+T Show will feature around 800 exhibitors from all over the world present at the R + T 2012, the entire spectrum from the fields of roller shutters, gates and sun protection. But the world’s leading trade fair R + T is not only the presentation platform for an industry that has become highly technologized and makes an important contribution to efficiency, comfort and safety of buildings. She is also the rhythm of innovation before, the first presentation takes place almost exclusively on the three-yearly international trade fair. Experience on more than 100,000 square meters in nine halls five days pure innovation . Enjoy a dozen side events and special exhibitions on various topics.”

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European Window Fashions for 2012: What’s hot in Germany

Qmotion shades recently hosted an international guest from Stuttgart, Germany, to check out our new motorized roller shade technology. He enjoyed his trip here and was able to educate us on what window fashions are popular in Europe this year. He shared with me the following pictures recently and I thought they were very interesting. The things to look for on the horizon are primary colors, floral prints, and the use of blackout fabrics. In Europe, this year “panel track” systems are also trendy, they combine bold colors and floral prints to make a major statement in a room. Unlike American window fashions that are meant to complement the style of a room; German window fashions are meant to be the focal point and accentuate the simple modern styling.


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Ultra Modern

A great take on sustainable, modern architecture.


In our technology driven society today, we are constantly bombarded with various forms of media, whether it be social, news, advertising, etc. Our world has become so much larger (or smaller, depending on how you look at it) with relation to the time before the internet.

For architecture, and our built environment, in general, this allows us to build with an endless network of building products is at our disposal.  As designers, it is our responsibility to cull through this information and set standards for our individual practices as to what’s really important and relevant for our clients.  They are looking to us for guidance, as we are seen as experts in the field of building.  It is our responsibility, then, to use our influence in a positive light, to recommend products and materials that are socially and environmentally responsible for the life-cycle of the material. (Lifecycle building is the…

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