Not your ordinary roller shade

What makes these particular shades so different?

Our unique technology. QMotion™ engineers created a motorized shade that is safe, completely cordless, quiet, beautiful AND affordable for both commercial and residential use. For too long, safe cordless shades have not been within reach for many homeowners.

Specifically, how are these shades different?

QMotion engineers reinvented how motorized shades operate by housing precision ball bearings in each shade’s tube. This patented design reduces friction, reducing the amount of power needed to raise and lower the shade. The result is a completely different operating system, so the batteries last for up to five years. The shades are cordless and quiet.

What types of batteries are required?

QMotion Shades use standard alkaline batteries (size D), not hard-to-find specialty batteries.

Battery-operated shades aren’t a new concept, so how are these special?

Conventional battery-operated shades do not feature our technology – the precision ball bearings inside the roller tube; the conventional batteries have to “fight” against naturally occurring friction, shortening the battery life in those types of shades. The unique technology of QMotion Shades allows the shade to glide effortlessly, so battery life is considerably longer – up to five years. In fact, the battery will probably die of “old age” before it dies from use.

Are these shades quiet?

Our shades operate at a level of quietness never before available in a motorized, wireless shade. They are virtually silent. QMotion’s innovative ball bearing engineering allows this smooth, quiet operation.

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  1. interiorsolutionsny

    I can vouch for everything posted above. I have been in the interior shade business for 20+ years and this is the hottest product to ever come to the market. You cannot believe how simple and quite these shades are. I’ve installed these in my personal home and I’m still amazed at the quality of this product.